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About Us

About Us

We are the new entrants in AI and Automation testing platform!!!

We are a young startup organization that designs, develops and builds cloud-based innovative automation and testing platform. Our plethora of customized solutions enable product, startups, mid-sized and enterprise companies to seamlessly automate API’s and web automation testing thereby enabling rapid development and robust changes.

Our platform effortlessly helps users to test web, android and iOS applications on all operating systems with ease.


What differentiates our Platform:

  • Cross-platform capability: web, mobile, desktop, API, IoT, and cloud services
  • Ability to leverage the business knowledge of manual testers’ and enabling them to create automated test cases
  • 4x faster test development and up to 70% lower maintenance costs for test automation assets
  • Ability to handle most complex automation with ease and confidence
  • Has a robust reporting capability
  • Seamless integrations with your CI/CD workflow
  • Integration with most of the DevOps pipeline tools