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Automated Functional Testing

“Learn more to know, how we can accelerate your complete end-to-end functional test automation with an intelligent solution designed for Web, Mobile, API and enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities”.

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Accelerate complete end-to-end testing:

With our best-in-class intelligent tool, we offercomplete end-to-end testing of applications. Our technology stack supports over 200 applications and environments, has a centralized functional testing effort across enterprise architectures, and streamlines manual and automated testing.

AI-powered test automation:

Simplify and enhance test creation, execution, and maintenance through AI-powered automation. It  has the capability of advanced object recognition, machine-driven regression testing, image and text analysis to reduce test creation time and test maintenance efforts, and boost test coverage.

Control tower to communicate & collaborate:

It acts as a control tower to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently across multiple teams and locations. Also ensures a steady flow of information between teams, and has the ability to share insights across teams to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Efficiency enhancement:

The tool ensures that you achieve test execution at full throttle. You have the capability to launch into tests across distributed functional testing infrastructures and run tests at scale with cross-browser, device mobile testing.