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Mobile Testing

“Our tool enables you to automatetesting for any application whether they arenative apps, or hybrids apps, rest assured we have got you covered”.

Maximize Mobile Automation, Reduce Complications

Accelerate Mobile Testing:

Our tool quickly enables you in conducting mobile automated testing across Android, iOS and other device types. This ensures you have the capability to explore the object hierarchy of any connected mobile device directly with ease.

Initiate Continuous Testing:

Run tests in parallel across multiple devices and operating systems for key deployments and ensure you are ready for every build each time, every time to maintain continuous delivery.  

It also has a built-in integration with source control systems, defect management tools, and test management solutions thereby facilitating collaboration between teams.

Include Automatic Audits:

The tool also enables users to add automatic checks with a simple checkpoint to validate key aspects of your progressive web app on mobile. Gather information on speed, reliability, cross-browser capabilitiesbased on standards for Progressive Web Applications.

IoT World& Mobile Automation:                                                                                              

Mobile testing tools should have the capability to identify objects by native properties. Through our tool, you have complete access to mobile device sensor data such as GPS. It also helps in simulating GPS coordinates, Wi-Fi, or switching application languages.